Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Road trip to yelagiri

Well ...where do i begin .. there was an inner calling from the biker soul o mine to ride the highway on weekends than spend extra hours at work. Luckily things fell in place on 24th April (Sunday).

Thanks to Vicky fr lending us a 200 cc Pulzar - true race horse!! Tks to my pal Sriraam ffr havin the same Biker spirit througout. We started from Chennai, (Panagal park) by 4:45 am. It was drizzling and the cold winds sent goosebumps when we started the road trip.

It was too dark and the lights wer'nt great on the pulzar...the roads were also wet. So we couldnt really rev up the bike. Sriraam drove fr an hr nd we stopped on the NH to stretch our selves. Then it was a straight road to Vellore. It took abt 2 hrs to get to Vellore and we had b'fast there. Then the road was an ultimate treat. The Bangalore highway!! The Biked had also warmed enough to give us the extra punch. We zoomed past lorries, mountains, wonderful trees and even trains!!
After an hr we reached the ghat section of Yelagiri with its 14 curves. The ride to the peak was worth every curve. We even stopped at each curve to drool over nature. We reached yelagiri by 10:00 am. Almost a 5hr drive. it was a beautiful place ..calm ... serene still waiting to be polluted & populated. We drove further 4 kms to another range of mountains to seek our own adventure. We reached the forest area..trekked there fr sometime. .... discoverd a new lake ...spotted few birds.... kingfisher being the standout... wat colors.!!

Then i found time to sleep under a tree in the forest fr sometime. I think we left yelagiri by 3:00 pm. The journey back was awesome. The Bike responded really well to the roads. We were able to average 85+ kmph throughout. We reached Chennai in 3.5 hrs.

The road trip had its own share of adventures..... we ran out of fuel (some 60 kms frm Chennai). I got lift in a Lorry to the next Bunk (7 kms) and hiked a bike on my way back. Fuelled our Bike up.....and zoomed all the way till Saravana Bhavan, KK Nagar. We sure were hungry to try this again ...

Stay tuned fr more updates..

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